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Having been a flooring covering option for a few centuries Parquet flooring has been the choice the wealthy and was popular between the Edwardian and Thirties period and was an indication of opulence in a grand design of buildings and rooms of the time.

Identified by most people as a solid block wood floor laid in a pattern of which Herringbone was the most common style. From the end of World War 2 through till the early ’70s a mosaic pattern was a popular alternative to a solid block available in 5 finger strips of wood.

Parquet flooring is generally installed to be on the ground floor of the house like the hall and other living spaces, it’s installation for any sub-floor providing the correct application is applied for the different type of substrates. So be it a small hallway or the complete design and installation Anglian Floors will assist and advise with every aspect.

Buy Parquet Flooring Online

In order to supply a larger selection of Parquet flooring we work with our partners Maples And Birch. If you are looking to buy parquet floors for supply only we suggest using their website www.MaplesAndBirch.co.uk or the links below.